South Africans have a culture of open patio living and entertaining.

With this in mind our patio roof system has been designed to cover an open area with a patio roof, allowing light into adjacent areas with the use of our skylights in the roof, but also restricting heat build.

The patio roof system is completely waterproof and insulated, which allows for the area to be enclosed with folding stacking doors or frameless doors should the homeowner want to use the area throughout the year.

The purchasing of a patio roof will give return on your investment by adding to the re-sale value of your home.

Our patio roof consists of a dry deck timber system with skylights.

The roof has timbers rafters and laminated boards covered by a torch on waterproofing system with ceiling and down lights. We have various types of support and fascia finishes.

This is a neat, economical and quick system which takes 2-3 days to install and is custom built to suit the home owner•s requirements.



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